NCPTA President Elected to APTA Board of Directors!
June 10, 2019

On June 10, the American Physical Therapy Association held its annual election and North Carolina’s very own Kyle Covington, PT, DPT, PhD, was elected vice speaker of the APTA House of Delegates. As of June 12th, Kyle will assume his new role with the APTA Board of Directors.

Over the next month, the NCPTA Vice-President, Mary Kay Hannah will transition into the role of NCPTA President and with Kyle’s assistance in hand off, Mary Kay will assume the president’s responsibilities in the interim until elections are held in the fall. At the June NCPTA Board meeting, the Board will also appoint individuals to assume the newly created roles of State Legislative Chairperson and Federal Affairs Liaison, duties previously performed by the Vice-President.

Past NCPTA President, Deirdre "Dee" Daley, PT, DPT, MSHPE, was also elected to the APTA Board in the role of Director.

Many thanks to Kyle for his exceptional leadership over the last 3 years!Best of luck to him in his new APTA role!

Congratulations to both Kyle and Dee! The North Carolina Chapter is proud!

Legislation on Spinal Manipulation Continues to Move
SB 574 (HB548), the bill NCPTA introduced to eliminate the need for a physician referral to perform spinal manipulation continues to work its way through the legislative process. The bill has passed through the House Health Committee, the House Rules Committee, and the full House. It then moved to the Senate and passed the Senate Healthcare Committee, the Senate Rules Committee and the full Senate!

The House vote was 103-9 and the Senate vote was 44-1. The bill will go through one more healthcare committee vote, rules committee vote and full floor vote to complete the process. The last stop is the Governor’s signature.  This is the most progress the bill has made in the past 6 years. We are very optimistic that success is around the corner. Watch your email for future updates!

2019 NCPTA Elections   NCPTA Chapter Awards 
The following positions will be open for the 2019 election year. Elections will take place in October. Newly elected individuals take office January 1, 2020. If you are interested in serving, please take this opportunity to nominate yourself, or other members who are good candidates for these positions.

Please submit nominations to:
  Each year the NCPTA recognizes an accomplished PT, PTA, student or advocate with one of several other chapter awards.This is a great opportunity to recognize colleagues for their hard work and contributions to the profession and the NCPTA.

Use this link to view the descriptions and criteria for each award as well as to nominate a deserving NCPTA member!

If you have questions, contact Emma White, Chair of the Awards Committee,





2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Physical Therapist Assistant. To celebrate our PTA colleagues, NCPTA will be hosting a party at the Fall Conference in Wilmington! Stay tuned for details!



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