2019 NCPTA Advocacy Day 

On April 10th, over 300 physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and students participated in NCPTA’s annual Advocacy Day. The day started at the NC Museum of History with a welcome by the NCPTA President, Kyle Covington, and presentations by the Vice-President/ Legislative chairperson, Mary Kay Hannah, and Alex Miller, the NCPTA lobbyist. The participants were also fortunate to hear from Representative Grange, one of physical therapy’s strong supporters and a primary bill sponsor in the House.
SB 574,The Modify Physical Therapy Definition Act, has been introduced in the Senate with the goal of eliminating the requirement of a physician referral for physical therapists (PT) to perform spinal manipulation. New this year, the bill adds language to confirm that PTs do not practice chiropractic. Adding language identifying that PT’s do not practice chiropractic resulted in the chiropractic association agreeing to not oppose SB 574. NCPTA participants were able to share this information in their legislative meetings, as well as share a list of physician groups who have agreed to support the bill or not oppose the bill going forward.

Many PTs, PTAs,and students reported they had very positive interactions with their senators, representatives, and legislative staff. The Advocacy Day vibe was upbeat with many legislators pledging their support for the bill!Next step will be a Health Care Committee hearing in the Senate which needs to occur prior to May 9th when bills must cross-over to the House to stay alive for the session. This bill has previously passed in the House twice, it is very likely to pass once it clears the Senate.

Please watch your email for updates.

To participate, in the effort, sign up for Spinal Manipulation Task Force here.

For you reference, link to the bill here.

Thanks to EVERYONE who took the time to get involved in advocating for physical therapy!

2019 Fall conference 

FIRM Due Date: April 30, 2019
We will not be extending deadlines

Currently Seeking Proposals for
90-Minute Education Presentations

From Any Specialty

Neurology, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Orthopaedics, Sports, Acute Care, Cardiopulmonary, Oncology,
Pelvic Floor, 
Home Health, Education,
Practice Management

Can Be Focused On

  • Original Research
  • Translating Research into Practice
  • Patient Evaluation
  • Progressive Interventions
  • Education Strategies
  • Wellness and Prevention
  • Value-Based Care
  • Quality Improvement Initiatives
  • Anything that Enhances Evidence-Based Care



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